vistamini.gif (1613 bytes) Electronics, Inc. currently offers two couplers. A 120VAC differential (single-phase) or common mode (2-phase) coupler with BNC connector. A high voltage industrial type 3-phase coupler with BNC connector. Our 3-phase coupler is designed for up to 3-phases with maximum voltage of 250VAC between phase and neutral and 500VAC between a phase and another phase. The coupler can also be hooked up for a single-phase or a 2-phase application.

Our couplers provide a way of injecting a communications signal into power mains. The coupler will interface a low voltage communication signal through an isolation transformer and a capacitor to power mains operating from 0-250V, AC or DC. The couplers can also be used as an interface to unpowered wire such as dedicated telephone lines or coaxial cable. Our couplers are specifically designed to for use with Echelon’s LONWORKS Power Line Transceiver-based products and are compatible with the following LONWORKS Power Line Transceiver channels, PL-10, PL-21, PL-22 and PL-30. Our couplers are also compatible with any communications transmitting within the frequency of 9kHz to 450kHz.

Components of the Coupler were specifically selected for their multiple international safety agency compliance.

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